questionnaire and computer mouseMicki DeJean  |  Marketing Coordinator

Have you ever wondered why a particular guest never returned to your business?  Did you just host an event, but you aren’t sure if your customers really enjoyed it? Do you want to know what your guests think of your staff? All of these questions cross the minds of many business owners, but most are not really sure how to find the answers.

Sending surveys to your guests is a great way to get the answers you are looking for and get valuable feedback from the most important people in your business, your customers! Today’s technology makes it so simple to send surveys to your guests. With Envision Service Bundles, you can automatically send surveys with email marketing or print a survey link at the bottom of your receipts.

Top benefits of customer surveys:


Offering a survey gives your guests a chance to express their opinions freely. And, it gives you a chance to ask specific questions instead of our usual, “How was everything today?” Prove to your guests that you value their opinion by making adjustments according to their survey responses. Responding to negative answers promptly, either with a personal phone call or email, proves that you value your their opinion.  Showing your guests that you are ready to correct something they weren’t satisfied with will bring them back to your business.


With the right questions, you can find out if your staff is providing services that meet your expectations. Asking guests to give an overall rating of their service provider will give you a general idea of how everyone is performing, but specific questions can give you detailed information for your staff coaching.

If you have customer service rules in place, like educating guests on products used or all new guests receiving a business tour, your survey should ask if these services were offered. You should also ask if your clients are happy with the services they receive. But it shouldn’t only apply to service providers. Front desk staff can benefit from hearing direct feedback about their performance. Are they greeting everyone in a timely manner?  Are they polite and helpful on the phone? Your guests have the answers. Client surveys can tell you exactly who is making their experience in your business exceptional or simply ordinary.


Surveys are great for getting feedback about your business and your staff, but we don’t often think about using surveys to find out about our clientele. Send a survey to find out details about your guests and what they are looking for from your business.  This can be anything from asking about their favorite refreshment to what they would like receive as a special or promotion. Knowing this information allows you to personalize each guest’s experience.

Questions do not have to be limited to personal preferences. You can also ask about your clients’ favorite activities or profession to tailor your marketing.  This can help you bring in all of your teachers for a back-to-school event, or offer a discounted spa package to everyone in the accounting field after tax season.  Knowing who your clientele is and what they are looking for allows you to focus your efforts on things that are important to them.


Not only will your improvements bring guests back to your business, but offering a reward for completed surveys gives clients a reason to return. Your guests can receive a unique redemption code for every survey completed, which they can use for a discount on a service or product. By offering something “new” as a reward for a completed survey, you are encouraging your guests to return to you business and experience something they haven’t tried yet. As we know, the more services and products a customer uses from your business, the more likely they are to stay loyal.

 If you are ready to implement a Survey program in your business, start simple. Let your guests know that they will receive a survey from you and tell them what you are using it for. When they understand you are using their feedback to better their experience and receive a reward for it, they will be happy to help you!

For more information on the Survey feature of Envision Service Bundles, please visit or call us at 800-231-9445.

For assistance setting up surveys, contact Technical Support at


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