Front Desk Check list: How to make each Checkout more Profitable

Your front desk staff is a vital part of your business.  They are the first faces your clients see, as well as the last so making a great impression is key. They are also a great asset to boost sales! Here are 5 ways your front desk staff help you grow your business.

  1. Pre-Book Guests: It is important to have at least 75% of clients booking their next appointment before they walk out the door. This can ensure that your clients are coming back to your salon and your stylists are creating a lasting impression.
  2. Sell Retail: Retail sales make up about 58% of a salons’ business and controls half the beauty industry market. It is necessary for not only your stylists, but also for your front desk to educate the client why taking home product is important to continue the care of their hair.
  3. Promote Gift Cards Purchases: Gift cards are a great way to generate profit at the front desk. Making a display of your gift cards informs your clients that you offer them and that they are a great gifting idea. Gift cards can be added to your online website as another form of generating profit even when the salon is not open. Check out for more information about online gift card sales.
  4. Remind Guests to Tell Their Friends: Referral systems that rewards your clients for referring new business to your salon is a great way to boost profit. Training your front desk on these systems and promoting these rewards to your clients is a winning situation for you and your clients.
  5. Inform Guests of Their Loyalty Points: Envision Software includes a customizable loyalty point system, so each guest can earn points for purchases. Your front desk staff should inform each guest of their balance, and educate them how to boost earn more points. It gives clients a reason to spend more money in your salon. The more money they spend, the more points they receive and the more profit in your pocket!
    1. Not sure how to set up your Loyalty Program? Check out this video for a detailed walk-thru. 

Training your front desk to promote your business and these 5 key factors is a vital part to the success of your salon. Implement these steps and see the success!


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