Boost Your Client Retention with These 5 Easy Steps!

Client retention can be a real struggle, with new client retention stuck around 30% for the industry. That means for every 3 new clients who visit, only 1 comes back! So, how can you boost that number and keep those clients? These five ideas can help!

  1. First impressions matter. If your clients find you online, make sure that your website is fresh and uncluttered! Our SalonVision templates set your business up to be welcoming before the client books an appointment.
  1. Focus on business retention. If a client returns to the business, they are retained, whether they return to the same provider or not. Everyone can help make the client experience amazing by focusing on the client, from offering a beverage at the front desk to offering a free nail buff!
  1. Survey and thank all clients, not just new. All clients want to feel that their opinions matter! Send a thank you email to new clients, and offer existing clients a chance to submit surveys to let you know of areas to improve. This can help foster a well-rounded view of your business so you can recognize and address any concerns quickly.
  1. Use your marketing. Use Envision’s targeted marketing to reach clients who have never gotten a massage and offer them a discount on a starter service! This expands what thoughts make your business come to mind. Set up automated eSMarketing to reach clients who didn’t purchase a retail item to remind them of your great products.
  1. Keep ‘em coming. Offer incentives to clients who make a referral or prebook their next appointment with Envision’s Loyalty Programs! Print out info sheets about your Loyalty Program to display in the salon, have your staff mention your programs to clients when the opportunity arises, and have your desk staff mention the loyalty balance when the client is ready to pay.

Accurately track your client retention in Envision to make sure your efforts are working. The Refine Customer Retention video shows you how to enter retention status and track your success. 


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