Holiday Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for easy ways to boost your holiday season revenue? Follow these 5 quick steps to help you ramp up your holiday sales and make the season brighter:

  1. Indulge the impulse. – Place lip balm and travel-size moisturizer next to the register to increase impulse purchases in the colder winter months.
  2. Gift Certificates! – Place a display of gift cards at the register (or place one in each station) and post some tasteful signs to remind clients that they can give the same experience to a friend. (You can offer gift certificates online with your SalonVision page, too!)
  3. Packages. – Create “Happy Holiday” packages to bundle services together for convenient and easy upselling! If you have a salon and spa, be sure to include services from different departments into one package. This will entice clients to try a service they may not have received before.
  4. Gift groups! – Offer a discount to groups that book on the same day for services and use Envision to keep track!

The Group Booking video reviews creating groups and booking appointments as part of those groups. Make each group a different color on your calendar for easy tracking. Streamline your guest experience with easy setup and a group appointment summary. Perfect for wedding parties, families, or corporate gifted spa days.


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